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Name: Hiroki HOSHINO

Favorite: Mountains, India, Camera, Alcohol and Beef

Hobbies:  Travel, Photography, Mountain-climbing and Reading books

Photographing: RICOH GX100 ,
Panasonic GF1 (F1.7, 20mm)

Name: Yoko HOSHINO

Favorite: The ocean, Okinawa, Camera, Okinawan noodles

Hobbies: Scubadiving, Travel, Photography and Reading books 

Photographing: PENTAX K100D super(DA 18-250mm F3.5-6.3 ED AL)

Welcome to our website!

We are traveling around the world from 5th April 2008. The first visit was Guam in United states.
We will spend a year encircling the globe.
Now you can look at our photographs on "Photo gallery".
Please send us e-mail(, if you have any impressions.

Thank you!

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